Site Terms

“By golly–I’ll give you something to cry about!”

cry baby

Warning: This kid was caught swiping some of our super-clean html.

Aww, relax. We don’t have too many rules.

No swiping.

Stealing is lame. Don’t be lame. All design work and imagery you see is copyrighted by Valiant Media and/or its clients.

By all means, feel free to link to and share pages on this site. But if you plagiarize or reproduce or resell anything here without our consent then we’ll have to get the paddle out and do some spanking.

Seriously, if you’re still compelled to “borrow” something, simply contact us so we can talk about it.

Behave yourself.

This is just common sense stuff, really: Wash your hands. Play nice. Don’t spam. We welcome any and all comments so long as they’re not vulgar or hateful toward anyone.

In other words, whatever you do here, let it not be something that would make your Mama blush. Got it? Good.

About your privacy…

Just as we cherish our own privacy, we respect yours. Totally. Tremendously. So, if you comment or join our list or anything similar, we cross our hearts never to spam you or to share or sell your information. We absolutely loathe spam. And we despise spammers. Period.

That’s it. Any questions? Just let us know.


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