Getting paid is great, but knowing our clients are happy is even better. To be honest, all the gushing makes us a little uncomfortable… But we’ll put some of it here because it makes our mamas real proud to read it.


Colleen Romero, Director of Marketing“Valiant Media artfully combines world class design strategy and creative with the ability to deliver on time and on budget every time… Every time I am amazed with the quality of the deliverables as well as how much these guys truly care about delivering exceptional work.”

Colleen Romero, Director of Marketing

Jason English, Director of Product Marketing“As both a marketer and enterprise software guy, I’ve used Valiant Media for a little bit of everything: from general branding, to web, interactive demos and even some software UI consulting. I can always expect that the results will be great and best of all, put my customers at ease.”

Jason English, Director of Product Marketing
CA Technologies

Morgan Lyons, Director of Media Relations“We’ve enjoyed a long professional relationship with Valiant… They built the backbone for our new site which continues to draw rave reviews from customers and stakeholders. We always enjoy working with them.”

Morgan Lyons, Director of Media Relations
Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Kimberly Smithson-Abel, VP of Strategy & Business Development“Valiant gave our product a great, easy to navigate UI and great customer experience. We still get compliments today on how attractive the application is… Valiant Media is easy to work and communicate with… and most importantly, they really listen!”

Kimberly Smithson-Abel, VP of Strategy & Business Development

Scott Thompson, COO“Chris and the guys at Valiant have created unique and powerful designs for several of my projects across multiple companies over the years. I’m consistently impressed with their creative intuition and thought leadership.”

Scott Thompson, COO
Catapult Health

Dr. T. Tylor Behrens, Assistant Vice President“Valiant’s pricing, customer service, technical consulting and creativity are second to none. I highly value their expertise, and recommend making Valiant Media a part of your online strategy team.”

Dr. T. Tylor Behrens, Assistant Vice President
Student Affairs at SMU

Barry Waldo, Management Consultant“I have worked with hundreds of agencies and I would put Valiant Media up against the biggest and the best anytime. They are deep with talent, and amazing partners when it comes to creativity and innovative integration. If you are reading this, you should hire them. I did.”

Barry Waldo, Management Consultant
The Coca-Cola Company

Joseph Nedumgottil, Manager“I have worked with Valiant Media as a partner now on two projects. In both cases, the end result has been professional and very well-received. I would be happy to work with them again!”

Joseph Nedumgottil, Manager
Pariveda Solutions

Ron Attaway“You provided an easy solution, well designed and friendly without over-complicating the user experience. The customer is what we at The T/TRE are all about and, evidently, so are you.”

Ron Attaway
Trinity Railway Express (TRE)

Pete Gekas, Vice President“I have worked with the Valiant team on several occasions. They deliver high quality designs and are a great partner!”

Pete Gekas, Vice President
Hitachi Consulting

Ernest Frausto, President“[Valiant is] off the charts! They LISTENED then performed… Positive UX comments, conversion rates and YOY revenue growth can be traced to their efforts and deliverables. Great bunch of powerfully creative folks who check their egos at the door!”

Ernest Frausto, President
NEST Learning

Ross Moshell, Director of Production Technology“The guys at Valiant are passionate about their work and always deliver great designs, even when having to work with challenging timelines. I highly recommend them for design projects of all shapes and sizes.”

Ross Moshell, Director of Production Technology
Reel FX Creative Studios

Steve O'Brien, Principal“I’ve known the Valiant guys for a long time and they are not only talented designers and creative thinkers, they are good people and tell it like it is. We can always count on great work and honest straightforward business at a fair price with Valiant.”

Steve O’Brien, Principal
Bedrock Manufacturing

Pat Davis, Associate Director“Thanks for listening—thanks for the design—we love the site—it’s working hard for us and doing a fantastic job of spreading the human rights message!”

Pat Davis, Associate Director
Embrey Human Rights Program at SMU

Elizabeth Elam, Website Designer“It is always a great pleasure to work with the Valiant team. They are very knowledgeable about the latest developments in web design and are able to translate that experience into fresh, new sites that fulfill all of our needs.”

Elizabeth Elam, Website Designer
Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Mary A. Christopher, CEO/Co-Founder“When HHCharities’ new website went live, my board of directors response was,‘WOW–What an impressive web site!’ Thank you, Valiant Media, for branding us to a higher level.”

Mary A. Christopher, CEO/Co-Founder
Humanitarian Hands Charities

Tim Barber, Owner & Executive Creative Director“Valiant runs a tight, talented ship — great thinking, great design, great people.”

Tim Barber, Owner & Executive Creative Director

Brigitte Cerwick Davis, Manager of Marketing and Web“Not only are we impressed with Valiant’s talent and creativity, but also with their service, responsiveness and flexibility… I look forward to a continued partnership with Valiant for a very long time.”

Brigitte Cerwick Davis, Manager of Marketing and Web
4Change Energy

Chris Jagers“I have watched this company create beautiful designs/sites for all kinds of clients, each one responding to the specific needs of the client. It’s rare to see such consistently good responsiveness and taste.”

Chris Jagers

Michael Cobb, President“I have partnered with Valiant on several occasions… They are true business partners and their work has always been superb. But what sets them apart for me is “how” they get the work done: on time, on budget, per spec and with a little fun along the way.”

Michael Cobb, President

Scott Levy, Product and Business Development“Valiant Media is my easy first choice when I need a great design team to roll up their sleeves and get results–You guys nail it every time.”

Scott Levy, Product and Business Development
White Space Ventures LLC

Robert Huckels, SVP International Operations“I can always count on Valiant for top-notch design and the ability to take websites live, no matter the obstacles. Chris, Troy and Lance merge good design with good UI and a sound understanding of functionality.”

Robert Huckels, SVP International Operations

Paul E. Maynard, President“[The Valiant] team knows how to listen and translate the client’s needs.. I have been fortunate to be both client and partner with Valiant for the production of websites, identity and other marketing services. They are super to work with and to be a client of as well.”

Paul E. Maynard, President
PE Maynard & Associates

Robert Kruger, eBusiness Consultant“We have partnered with Valiant Media on numerous projects… They always provide top-notch design, but more importantly, they understand the purpose of design. They don’t just make pretty pictures – they build brands and improve communication.”

Robert Kruger, eBusiness Consultant

Katrice McCullough, PMP, SPL“The team at Valiant Media are a rare and wonderfully talented crew… They are a small group with big business acumen.”

Katrice McCullough, PMP, SPL

Tom Fomby, Professor of Economics“Thank you for bringing our Department of Economics website into the new age. It looks terrific now.”

Tom Fomby, Professor of Economics
Southern Methodist University

Craig Tiritilli, Co-Founder“Valiant performs with incredibly creative and practical design capabilities. Their attention to detail helps bring real value to their clients. Highly recommended.”

Craig Tiritilli, Co-Founder
Soap Hope

Jeff Cronk“The Valiant team are great at what they do. Creative design, and smart application. They are also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Jeff Cronk
Cronk Design LLC

Brian Cummings, Co-owner“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Valiant team on three separate client projects. Besides delivering eye-popping, easy to navigate web design work, they stay focused on what the client wants and are easy to work with. I’d have them on my team anytime.”

Brian Cummings, Co-owner
Eat Green LLC

Kevin Albright, President“I have used Valiant Media for Website design for three companies. Valiant has always done an outstanding job creating a public face for my organizations.”

Kevin Albright, President
Koios Works LLC

Chris Pensata, Project Manager“I have always been able to count on Valiant for great design, advice and support for the projects they have worked on for me.”

Chris Pensata, Project Manager
Bedrock Manufacturing

Greg Graze, Owner“A pleasure to collaborate with… Open to ideas from others. Creative, reliable, responsive, flexible. I look forward to working with the Valiant team again.”

Greg Graze, Owner
Graze Public Relations

“I would strongly recommend Valiant Media. They do the best website development work of anyone I know in the Metroplex.”

Marjorie Asturias
Blue Volcano Media

“I’ve worked with these guys for 20 years! Valiant Media is an unbeatable team that oozes creativity, industry knowledge and amazingly clever concepts. I’m honored to recommend such talent.”

Dave Norfleet, Product Manager

“You would not want a butcher giving you a nose job – well, the Valiant team are the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons of web sites (it’s a plain as the nose on your face.) Is there a higher recommendation than highly recommend? Then I give it to Valiant.”

Clint Hughes
SVP level Marketing

“Valiant Media always does an outstanding job. Their design ideas are always top notch and they are great listeners, which makes the design process simple from a customer’s point of view.”

Daryl Johnson, Principal
Frontier Marketing

“Awesome working with these guys. Fun and professional!”

Ben Britt, Owner
bbgun Interactive

“When it comes to web and social media, the folks at Valiant Media really get it. If you think you know what you want, trust their insights and experience to improve it. If you’re unsure, they’ll give you superior thinking and guidance, combined with a high degree of creativity, unmatched service and fair price.”

Joachim Pfau, CEO
LINC International

“You can count on [Valiant] to deliver leading-edge website design on deadline. Creative, reliable, budget-minded — they’ve got the expertise you need to stay current and compete in our ever-advancing e-commerce industry.”

Robin Stringfellow, CEO
Stringfellow & Associates

“The people behind Valiant Media are some of the most talented, no-nonsense, straight-forward ‘design partners’ you could bring into your business. I’ve done work with them for years. They are a fantastic resource.”

Jay Wolff
Agency Advisor / Consultant

“I’ve worked with Valiant on a number of iOS apps. Great design — and very well organized (for development)!”

Jeffrey Berthiaume – VP, Technology
MEDL Mobile


See why we feel a little uneasy now?? Not to mention the pressure this puts on us to keep doing superior work…

Anyway, if you enjoy this kind of suffering, you can read even more client testimonials on our LinkedIn page.


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